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Maarten Stemvers

Principal Consultant Solutions, Benelux

Maarten Stemvers is a Principal Consultant at Software Improvement Group, where he is primarily responsible for the delivery of services in the financial services industry and IT due diligence domain. He leads two teams of consultants to provide clients with direct value, either through software risk assessments or the Sigrid platform. He works closely with the company’s account executives to further develop client relationships as well as new business. He builds thought leadership in both technology and financial markets.

Maarten joined SIG in 2018 as a Principal Consultant to further develop the financial services domain and professionalize SIG as an organization in delivery, sales and HR, with a special focus on people development.

Maarten has worked internationally in both business and IT in large and small banks in various roles. In search of the useful application of his knowledge and experience outside the financial sector, he found his new challenge at SIG, contributing to a better world through continuous improvement of digital programs.

Maarten holds a master’s degree in information sciences from the University of Groningen and a bachelor’s degree in IT governance and assurance from the Antwerp Management School.

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