In 2017, the Dutch renewable energy company Eneco Group acquired a 50% interest in LichtBlick. LichtBlick is the leading green energy retailer in Germany, providing renewable energy to over 645,000 customers. During the due diligence phase prior to the acquisition, Eneco Group hired SIG to perform an assessment of the LichtBlick core IT systems.

“SIG is our preferred supplier for IT due diligence projects”, explains Eric de Jongh, Integration Officer at Eneco Group. “SIG’s consultants have in-depth IT knowledge, can identify risks within the IT landscape, and are able to deliver high quality reports within short lead time. These insights truly help Eneco Group in M&A processes.”


The challenge

LichtBlick develops digital energy solutions for consumers as well as business customers. The company requires a high level of flexibility for its IT systems, given the rapidly-changing nature of the energy industry. The LichtBlick core IT systems are mainly custom built, some of which date back more than 10 years. To prepare for a successful future, LichtBlick started the cLeanIT project to decouple the IT systems. For this reason, SIG not only assessed the IT systems but also the development process and the status of the cLeanIT project.


The solution

On-site at the LichtBlick headquarters in Hamburg, the SIG team met with members of the IT Management, Project Management, Software Engineering and Software Architecture departments to gain a thorough understanding of the technical documentation and project reports as well as perform an in-depth analysis of the source code.

The result

The SIG team delivered fact-based insight into:

  • the technical quality of nine core applications in the IT landscape
  • the progress and usefulness of the cleanIT project
  • the maturity of the applied development proceses

In addition, the LichtBlick systems received a score based on the SIG benchmark, which includes data from more than 2,000 unique systems assessed by SIG over the course of 15 years

The SIG team provided us with useful insight regarding our core systems within only 4 days.”

– Claus Sprave, Head of IT LichtBlick SE

“I was impressed by the thoroughness of the results and the short lead time”, says Claus Sprave, Head of IT at LichtBlick. “The SIG team provided us with useful insight regarding our core systems within only 4 days. I do believe that our score in the SIG benchmark, and that professional approach of our engineers of course, helped Eneco Group to finalize this deal.”


Going forward

Eneco Group and LichtBlick found themselves better positioned for future innovation and will team up to further develop energy solutions based on SchwarmDirigent, an IT platform which integrates distributed energy sources, such as combined heat and power plants, electric cars, heat pumps, solar power and storage, into energy markets. This solution will enable future prosumers to share their locally produced clean energy.


“The realization of future proof software is key for the success of these ambitions”, explains Sprave. “Therefore, we will definitely discuss opportunities to work together with SIG on realizing these ambitions, to guarantee that the software we build will be future proof.”


  • SIG triggered a behavioural change. The assessment did not just measure the quality of the software, but the score itself also served as a motivating catalyst among developers. Now developers actively pursue high quality software and continually improve upon their skills.
    Nico van Didden Project Manager at ProRail
  • In assessing a vendor for a critical software purchase, TÜViT told us that SIG was the only one organization certified to determine if (1) the purchase was a good foundation for future excellence (2) it was worth the investment (3) it could integrate it seamlessly into our own organisation. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with SIG again.
    Markus Hölzlein General Manager Digital Products at Weltbild GmbH
  • The work with SIG was very beneficial for our due diligence and helped us in the decision making process. The combination of deep technological understanding and the necessary pragmatism when looking at early stage companies proved very value adding for us and also for our target company.
    Christian Knott Partner at Capnamic Ventures
  • The SIG toolset has enabled us to gain valuable insight into the code quality of potential acquisition targets, thereby enabling the company to make decisions based on quantitive measures rather than subjective opinion.
    Arun Mundray CTO at Kallidus
  • With the help of SIG we brought the software quality to the next level which helps us to deliver our installations faster.
    Yvo Zethof R&D Project Manager at VanRiet
  • For our major risks in large scale development with or without partners we turn to SIG to set the benchmark for quality delivery and improvements of the code base. Their professionalism in these matters certifies the long term sustainability of our software assets and as such our investments.
    Carl Tilkin-Franssens CIO at Acerta
  • SIG delivered a high-quality report analysis in which you really see that this is their core expertise. Based on facts and their extended knowledge of software quality they provided clear advice for further improvement.
    Hidde Andriessen CIO Office at KPN
  • SIG’s work is crucially important for Waternet as we elevate our online services. This digital era demands new ways of thinking about software in terms of technology, vendors and operational issues, and SIG guides us in all three areas.
    Mario Kortman Director Digital Transformation at Waternet