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SIG Commit Spring 2021

Thank you for your interest in SIG Commit Spring 2021! Registration is now closed, but fill in the form below to get the session replays after the event wraps up.

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SIG Commit is back with its second edition! Join the global Sigrid® community online April 22 and see the platform’s latest features designed to illuminate the risks in your application landscape – and give you actionable insight to cut costs, tackle security threats, and bring high-quality applications to market faster.

Thank you for your interest in SIG Commit Spring 2021! Registration is now closed, but fill in the form below to get the session replays after the event wraps up. 

On the agenda:

// Welcome & Keynote

As the world we live and work in becomes ever-more reliant on software, the Sigrid software assurance platform continues to evolve to support digital-first business strategies. We’ll share our vision for Sigrid as a central platform for 24/7 control over software build quality.

// New Sigrid Releases

We’ll give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up next for the platform. You’ll get a preview of new features designed to help you keep software development velocity high without the technical debt snowball as well as assure a cost-effective, risk-managed modernization program.

// Sigrid Demo

We’ll show you how Sigrid continuously monitors the health of your software applications on critical aspects such as maintainability, security and productivity – and makes these metrics easily accessible to CIOs, Architects and Developers alike.

// 30-min Breakout Sessions 

1. Sigrid for IT Leaders: The fact-based, risk-managed path to modernization
There are many different roads leading to modernization. So how do you choose the right one, around all the costs and pitfalls?

Jasper Geurts, Director of US Consulting, and Dennis Bijlsma, Head of Product, will show you how Sigrid translates facts about a system’s architecture into risk-based scenarios for modernization — then monitors and guides the full build to ensure efficient progress to your foundation for future innovation.

2. Sigrid for IT Leaders: The ROI-focused approach to reducing technical debt
You can’t and shouldn’t repay all of your technical debt, it’s impossible. Instead, you have to identify which of it has the highest ROI.

Werner Heijstek, Principal Consultant, will demonstrate how Sigrid provides you with prioritized recommendations for refactoring, so you can focus your technical debt “payoff” efforts for the highest return.

3. Sigrid for Developers: Speeding up development without sacrificing quality
Faster release cycles don’t have to come at the expense of code quality.

Michiel Cuijpers, Manager of Sigrid Support, and Jan Laan, Senior Consultant, will show you how to use Sigrid as a code quality gate and get direct, immediate feedback with Sigrid CI to ensure that every new commit meets your maintainability standards.

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