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The automotive industry is going through a seismic transformation with the advent of electrification, autonomous driving, and shared mobility. Connected vehicles have to be reliable and resilient as they are entrusted with the physical security and personal data of passengers. New legislation and cyber security standards are requiring manufacturers to proactively address vulnerabilities in source code related to quality, both in security and maintainability of software.

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Customers are demanding vehicles that are more connected than ever. Manufacturers are building digital devices on wheels to grow their market share. With the rapid digitalization of transportation, application security is one of the consumer's top concerns. The importance of software assurance is not underestimated by the big players like Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler, etc.

We help our customers automate and evaluate the effectiveness of security practices in software. Organizations can continuously monitor the source code, architecture, and other assets for OEM and all tiers of providers organizations against the latest security and compliance standards. Leadership can strengthen their ability to check, control, and improve the entire software development lifecycle and software supply chain for a safer and secure world.


Software Risk Monitoring and Advisory

We provide actionable advice to improve the quality of your applications and keep your team at peak performance - with our consultants' expertise and software assurance platform, Sigrid.

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Building Software

Software Risk Assessment

We get to the root cause of complex IT issues and provide you with practical strategies for improvement. Our fact-based analysis goes from bit to boardroom, from build quality to security, providing the right people with the relevant insights.

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Buying Software

Manage Vendor Selection

When finding the right supplier for your organization, you should make sure the vendor delivers what is promised - up front. Assessing the feasibility of the vendors plans against established standards will help you control the vendor selection process.

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