Private Equity

More and more firms are looking to gain digital capabilities through acquisitions. But to capitalize on the benefits of any digital prowess, investors must be able to identify the hidden risks and opportunities that lie within.

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Private Equity

Our solutions

When you invest in a company, you invest in the software that runs it.

We objectively measure, analyze and monitor each line of code against quality models to predict the current stability and future performance of your software assets, helping you to drive value in every stage of the transaction lifecycle.


IT Due Diligence

We dive deep into the code underlying digital assets to identify and quantify hidden investment risks and opportunities.

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Post-Acquisition Monitoring

We help you add greater value to the software assets in your portfolio and avoid risks that may require additional capital or extend the hold period.

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Sell-Side Due Diligence

When the time comes to prepare for exit, we help identify opportunities to enhance the value of your business.

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