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Mounting pressure on the swift rollout of 5G, continuous integration of new value-added services, and modernization of core systems is leading Telecom providers to make a rapid, radical shift towards software-based capabilities.

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In the fast-paced Telecom sector, the demand for innovation drives development teams to prioritize new functionality over software quality – accruing “technical debt” in the form of ever-increasing maintenance costs, sluggish time to market, unpredictable future release delays and vendor lock-ins.

As 5G adoption grows, Telecom providers will face new challenges in increasing the security of core network components, onboarding new technologies, and realizing Software Defined Networking (SDN) possibilities.

SIG helps some of the largest Telecom companies in the world gain control over software quality - without impeding the pace of functional developments - to boost development productivity, modernize core legacy systems, assure network security & privacy, and ensure value for spend on supplier output.

Buying Software

Manage Vendor Selection

When finding the right supplier for your organization, you should make sure the vendor delivers what is promised - up front. Assessing the feasibility of the vendors plans against established standards will help you control the vendor selection process.

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Development Productivity and Efficiency

We identify production bottlenecks, provide deep insight into the churn and quality of your software delivery and recommend the right actions for resolution.

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Software Risk Monitoring and Advisory

We provide actionable advice to improve the quality of your applications and keep your team at peak performance - with our consultants' expertise and software assurance platform, Sigrid.

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Operating software

Legacy Modernization Assurance

We qualify your software landscape architecture, create your risk-based modernization roadmap to ensure your software is fit for business purposes.

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Building Software

Software Risk Assessment

We get to the root cause of complex IT issues and provide you with practical strategies for improvement. Our fact-based analysis goes from bit to boardroom, from build quality to security, providing the right people with the relevant insights.

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