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We're always working to advance the field of software assurance for a healthier digital world.

Our Research team takes an active role in several academia-industry research programs that will shape the future of software measurement and analytics. Here’s where we’re currently involved:


In the FASTEN project, funded by SIG and the European Union, SIG is helping to develop Intelligent (Software) Package Management at the scale of the major global software ecosystems. With that infrastructure, engineers will be able to analyze whether software projects are using the best software packages available, and if not, how to get there.


i-CAVE is a national collaboration on technological research for autonomous driving and cooperative vehicles. SIG is doing research on safety and security concerns in software architectures, creating the next- generation architectural models that will allow for objective measurement and higher quality software development in automotive.


Codefeedr is a collaboration between SIG and the TU Delft, co-funded by NWO, focused on creating the next generation software data streaming infrastructure. The aim is to provide developers and analysts with the capabilities to see, aggregate, and query the actions of millions of software development processes, globally, in near-real time.


2019 Benchmark Report

In this report we present our view through SIG’s looking glass; our state of the union address, as it were. Our goal is to provide you with the relevant insights you need to improve software quality wherever you go next.

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