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2019 Benchmark Report: Through the SIG looking glass

Looking back on 10 years of software analytics

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Luc Brandts


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At SIG, we have been helping our clients improve their software quality since we founded the company in 2000. Nearly 20 years have passed since then, full of evolution and progress in the software industry. Today, we have the ability to look back and reflect on the data that we have collected along the way.

In this report we present our view through SIG’s looking glass; our state of the union address, as it were. Our goal is to provide you with the relevant insights you need to improve software quality wherever you go next.

In the first annual Benchmark Report, we will focus on the following three research questions:

  1. Has software quality improved or declined?
    In the grand perspective of the software industry, we feel overall insight is missing on whether software quality is actually improving or whether it’s in decline.
  2. Do better software processes produce better quality software?
    Commonly, executives and practitioners alike expect the quality of software processes to have a large influence on the quality of the resultant products. We are in the position to correlate data sets on both these angles, and thus can address this expectation head on.
  3. What’s the future impact of emerging technology stacks?
    Reflections on the past are not complete without projections into the future. What do we at SIG see emerging in our recently collected data, and what does that mean for decision makers in the field?

About the authors:

Dr. Luc Brandts, CEO SIG
Luc is a seasoned IT professional having run and managed several technology firms.
In 1994, Luc co-founded his own company and growing it to a leading global technology firm.

Dr. Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research SIG
Magiel is an internationally published author in the field of software engineering, with over 15 years of experience in research, consulting and education.

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  • Has software improved over the past decade?
  • What technologies are emerging and declining?
  • Can software measurement make a difference for your business?