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2021 SIG Benchmark Report

The trends shaping the global software industry in a post-pandemic world

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The third annual SIG Benchmark Report presents the clearest picture of the state of the software industry, based on nearly 50 billion lines of code across 280+ languages taken from 6,000 system inspections.

Key findings include:

  • Less code created during the pandemic, but at higher average build quality level
    While average coding effort has decreased throughout the pandemic, the overall build quality of software continued an upward trend across all major industries and technology stacks.
  • Developers report drop in productivity, job performance due to remote working
    In a new study by SIG and Leiden University on how the pandemic has affected software practitioners, the number of developers who reported they weren’t productive for at least some of their time has more than doubled to 60%. Furthermore, developers reported working less carefully and with less concentration.
  • Massive impact of technical debt on software maintenance costs​
    The report includes an analysis which shows that identifying and renovating only high-ROI systems can make the difference between saving 12% on costs or spending 20% more.
  • The Industrial Transportation industry leads the pack in building sustainable software
    The report includes an annual Software Build Quality ranking by industry of 12 major sectors, showing which are best positioned for the post-pandemic digital world.

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About the authors:

Dr. Luc Brandts, CEO SIG
Luc is a seasoned IT professional, having run and managed several technology companies.
In 1994, Luc co-founded his own company, growing it to a leading global technology firm.



Dr. Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research SIG
Magiel is an internationally published author in the field of software engineering, with more than 15 years of experience in research, consulting and education.

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  • Which industries are best at building software?
  • How much can organizations save on costs by focusing technical debt reduction in smarter ways?
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