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Pandemic Programming: Investigating how working from home during COVID-19 is affecting software professionals (2021 Replication)

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Magiel Bruntink

Head of Research

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SIG and Leiden University are conducting a study on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the working situation, productivity, and emotional well-being of software practitioners.

The study will be conducted jointly by Dr. Magiel Bruntink, Software Improvement Group, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Joost Visser, of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University, both in the Netherlands.

Participation consists of completing an online questionnaire, and we therefore invite all software developers to share their input and experiences around working throughout the pandemic by completing this 10-minute survey.

If you have any questions about this study, please feel free to contact us at or

In early 2020, a team of researchers led by Dr. Paul Ralph and Dr. Sebastian Baltes, conducted a first study on the impact of software practitioners switching to (fully) working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic [1]. In addition to an academic paper, the study was published online.

In the study we’re now launching in 2021, we aim to replicate and verify the 2020 findings, an important step in the scientific process.

Below we further detail how we will run this study:

– The study will collect and store data securely and anonymously. For data collection we use the questionnaire tool Qualtrics, while data will be analyzed by researchers in secure environments.

– The questionnaire will ask questions about your well-being, productivity and various other factors, such as COVID-19 status. If you feel uncomfortable answering questions you are free to stop at any time, or to skip them altogether.

– By submitting your (partial) response, you consent to the inclusion of your data into the study.

– We aim to publish the data set in a public repository, and to disseminate the scientific analysis in presentations and (academic) publications. In doing so, we will maintain the anonymity of the responses, and we will not publish quotations of any answers to open-ended questions.

-Once we reach our goal of 200 responses, we will donate $500 to an open source project, based on feedback from survey respondents.

[1] Ralph, P., Baltes, S., Adisaputri, G., Torkar, R., Kovalenko, V., Kalinowski, M., Novielli, N., Yoo, S., Devroey, X., Tan, K. X., Zhou, M., Turhan, B., Hoda, R., Hata, H., Robles, G., Milani Fard, A., & Alkadhi, R. (2020). Pandemic programming: how COVID-19 affects software developers and how their organizations can help. Empirical Software Engineering, 25(6), 4927–4961.

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