Build trust and accelerate your software development | Watch the replay

Build trust and accelerate your software development

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Build trust and accelerate your software development

Discover the newest Sigrid® innovations:
  1. Powerful Architecture Analysis for your Cloud Migration or Legacy Modernization
  2. Goal Dashboard to set an accelerated pace of development
  3. Sigrid Self-Service Scoping to support your teams with the key insights they need

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Sigrid Product Roadmap & New Releases
Wouter Knigge, CTO and Dennis Bijlsma, Head of Product

Within our new management paradigm of building trust, we can see that transparency is of utmost importance. This is also a base premise of Sigrid, and is one of the main drivers for our roadmap. We’ll discuss our progress from the last six months, as well as looking forward to what’s next.

10-min demo sessions​​​​​​:

#1: Sigrid’s new dashboard: Set objectives for software health
Tibor Lapikas, Presales Team Lead at SIG

#2: Sigrid Architecture Quality: Towards incremental modernization
Ravish Gopal, Director Advisory & Solution at SIG Nordics

#3: Self-managing Sigrid: More autonomy without losing transparency
Kriti Dhingra, Consultant at SIG
Dennis Bijlsma, Head of Product at SIG

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