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Legacy Modernization Assurance

Accelerate innovation and time to market with a data-driven modernization roadmap

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There are many different roads leading to legacy transformation. But to chart the right course for a favorable outcome, technology leaders need facts and deep insights into the application’s current quality and risks — and that requires a software measurement model to measure the entire codebase. 

Powered by our proprietary architecture quality measurement model, SIG Legacy Modernization Assurance takes a fact-first approach to assure landscapes of any size. Our solution comprises three phases to break down complex legacy architectures and translate these facts into risk-based scenarios for modernization:

Phase 1: Priority Portfolio Scan

We conduct a risk-based scan of your entire portfolio to determine the systems most in need of modernization and prioritize them for update.

Phase 2: Modernization Assessment

We dive deep into the core of legacy applications to measure quality and risk, translating our findings into a risk-based roadmap to your target state.

Phase 3: Sigrid® Continuous Assurance

We ensure your progress to a foundation for future innovation, monitoring and guiding the build with our intelligent technology and human expertise.


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