A Better Approach to IT Due Diligence

Dive a level deeper to identify hidden risks and opportunities

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You would never purchase a home or a car without first having a certified expert examine its quality and maintainability. Yet few M&A targets undergo in-depth IT Due Diligence – even when technology is the core value proposition of the investment.

Are your M&A teams looking closely enough at the complex software assets that run the target company? Or are you investing in a black box?

In this webinar,  Jasper Geurts, Director, US Consulting at Software Improvement Group (SIG), will walk you through highlights from a (sample) IT Due Diligence report to show how hidden risks are identified through a formal, ISO-certified, fact-based process:

  • Is the technology fit-for-purpose and can it scale to support growth ambitions?
  • Are there hidden risks (or opportunities) related to source code, architecture, security, integration, or human capital that could increase costs or delay roadmaps?
  • How can increased knowledge of these risks and opportunities strengthen your negotiating position?

Who should attend?

Professionals involved in Mergers & Acquisitions, Technical Due Diligence, Corporate Strategy, and Business Development, who would benefit from understanding the latest trends and capabilities in due diligence. The webinar is intended for Software Improvement Group prospective customers and partners only.

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