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Creating highest-quality embedded software

Software quality specification, rich architecture specification and quality monitoring using Capital Software Designer and Sigrid. Learn more in the white paper we've co-created with Siemens.

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Michel van Dorp

VP Strategic Partnerships

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Siemens and Software Improvement Group (SIG) partner to provide best-in-class software and guidelines to control and improve the architecture and technical quality of embedded software for the automotive industry.

Siemens Capital® Software Designer provides uniquely rich and front-loaded software architecture modeling and analyses, whereas Software Improvement Group brings 20 years of experience in measuring and enhancing software quality through automated monitoring and consulting services. This white paper outlines how the combined solutions enable you to create high-quality automotive software deliverables.

This white paper provides:

  • How Siemens’ Capital Software Designer addresses functional correctness and interfaces consistency during both pre- and post-implementation stages,
  • How Sigrid® addresses application maintainability in architecture and implementation,
  • And how the integration between Capital Software Designer and Sigrid for Capital Software Designer provides first-class insight and guidance into all aspects of software quality for your embedded software applications.

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