Post-acquisition Monitoring - SIG | Getting software right for a healthier digital world Post-acquisition Monitoring - SIG | Getting software right for a healthier digital world
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Post-Acquisition Monitoring

We help you add greater value to the software assets in your portfolio and avoid risks that may require additional capital or extend the hold period.

Keep your investment objectives on track

Following a successful acquisition, we combine our leading tooling with our leading expertise to optimize your software assets for growth and efficiency.

The SIG Post-Acquisition Monitoring service includes Sigrid®, our software assurance platform, which continuously monitors the quality of source code for improvement progress as well as any changes.

Based on these results, as well as your own business context, our experts develop actionable, prioritized recommendations to ensure your objectives stay on track.

Post-acquistion Monitoring


Sigrid, the Software Assurance platform

The leading tooling within Sigrid measures your code against the proven SIG quality models and alerts
your team when a risk is introduced that could deter your investment objectives.

Roadmap design

Our experts develop a roadmap containing risk mitigating and value creating milestones, with progress continuously monitored within the Sigrid platform.

The right insight at the right time

With Sigrid, developers, architects and other IT stakeholders get centralized access to our findings on your applications to help you stay on top of performance.

Performance tracking

Within the Sigrid platform, we define the right KPIs and install performance controls to ensure your software continues to support your investment success.


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