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SIG Academy

Courses, training and certification designed to raise the quality of code throughout your organization - available online and in the classroom

Focused training programs for Sigrid and software quality

At Software Improvement Group, we’ve learned a thing or two about what best development practices and maintainable code should look like. Our customers around the world embrace our methodologies, technologies and research, and they ask us to share the knowledge and skills that any practicing software developer should master to consistently write healthy source code.

Therefore we have built the SIG Academy, where we provide clients with training programs focused on software quality management in Sigrid and the SIG methodology for software quality analysis. See the programs below for an overview.

SIG Academy

Academy programs for Sigrid and the SIG methodology

Sigrid Foundational for portfolio & quality managers

In this e-learning program, Sigrid users will learn how to best work with the measurement reporting and information gathering in Sigrid. This program consists of six comprehensive modules, each with a clear learning objective that can be used in daily practice. It contains a module about Sigrid’s code vulnerability triage service to identify real threats.

SIG Clean Code

Code quality simply cannot be an afterthought. This course introduces the SIG software quality model and explains how it’s used to measure code maintainability objectively.

Sigrid Professional for architects and senior developers

In this e-learning program, Sigrid administrators as well as advanced users will learn how to make code refactoring decisions. This program consists of 5 comprehensive modules, each with a clear learning objective that can be directly used in daily practice.

SIG Security Awareness

The majority of security incidents making headlines on a daily basis are caused by poor software quality. This course introduces the SIG security & privacy models and how they help organizations gain control over these critical areas.


Quality Software Developer

Certification on developer and consultant level

Get your Quality Software Developer QSD certification at our partner PeopleCert.

Enter Quality Software Development – a qualification developed by PEOPLECERT in collaboration with SIG to address the ongoing urgency of industry demands for a best practice framework in creating consistent, good quality code.

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