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Sigrid for Siemens Capital Software Designer

A powerful add-on to effectively measure, manage, and control the software deliverables created with Siemens Capital Software Designer.

Quality assurance for embedded code

The proper definition of software quality – and adherence to that definition – is a key factor in successful software development projects. Sigrid, our software assurance platform, has been developed to provide best-in-class software quality analysis based on the international ISO/IEC 25010 standard for software quality. Sigrid then compares the results against the SIG software quality benchmark, providing immediate insight into the system’s relative quality. Sigrid subsequently provides guidance for improving the source code to the level of quality desired.

With Sigrid for Siemens Capital Software Developer, software architects and testers can gain insight in the developed quality and track quality improvements until the desired level is achieved.

Sigrid for Siemens Capital Software Designer


Seamless integration

Integrating Siemens Capital Software Designer with the Sigrid environment is seamless and simple. Start your analysis in just one click.

Your code kept on-premise

With our analysis, your code never leaves your workstation. Only code quality metrics are sent to the Sigrid cloud, where the benchmark is applied and results are revealed.

A benchmarked score for your system

The results of your software measurements are compared with those of the 7,500 systems and 70+ billion lines of code in our software analysis database, giving you immediate insight into how your software stacks up against the market.

Prioritized actions without a flood of violations

Sigrid provides you with a prioritized list of clear actions, not a firehose of findings overloading your developers.

One-click code analysis

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