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Decrease Time to Market with Precise Technical Debt Management

Meet Sigrid®, the all-in-one platform for in-depth software quality analysis. Say goodbye to technical debt.

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Cut Through Technical Debt, and Evaluate Modernization Options with Ease.

Sigrid uncovers hidden risks and gives you actionable insights to cut costs, tackle security threats, and bring high-quality applications to market faster.

Cut technical debt by 20% with Sigrid

“Our maintenance costs are lower, development is more efficient, and we can focus and reduce technical debt more effectively. One of the many benefits of going through the certification process has been the reduction of our technical debt backlog by 20%, which has subsequently increased our SDLC release output by 15%.” says Laurie Cunningham, CTO of TerraQuest, leading provider of innovative data management solutions.

Comprehensive Software Portfolio Analysis

Sigrid provides ongoing insights into the current state of your company’s software quality, risk, and associated costs across your entire portfolio to enable actionable business decisions.

Technical Debt Management

Sigrid provides a current overview of all technical debt in your landscape along with ROI-based refactoring candidates to help IT leaders decide on specific improvements based on required return and available budget.

Risk Assessment

Using a methodology based on the ISO 25010 standard, our Software Risk Assessment involves a thorough analysis of your application landscape to help you to solve complex IT strategy issues, such as:

• Late delivery of projects
• Slow pace of innovation
• Legacy system challenges
• Productivity issues

Industry-leading benchmark

Sigrid ranks your software capabilities against 15,000 systems and over 150 billion lines of code in our software analysis database to help you identify key initiatives for reducing risk and improving overall effectiveness.

Why Sigrid?

By exposing hidden risks and opportunities in your source code, Sigrid gives you continuous insights and recommendations on the performance of your software and applications.


Billion lines of code analyzed


Technologies scanned


System inspections performed


Million lines of code analyzed weekly

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