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2023 SIG Symposium | Sessions

Discover all you need to know about the sessions of the 2023 SIG Symposium.

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Release of the 2023 Benchmark Report

Hosted by Bart Fehmers, CEO and Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research

Building successful AI systems

Hosted by Patricia Peck Pinheiro, CEO at Peck Advogados

Join Patricia in this vital session as she delves into the pervasive presence of AI in our daily lives and advocates for essential regulations to mitigate its inherent risks, including ethical risks and cyber risks. Gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of building successful AI systems and discover the critical importance of prioritizing privacy and data protection. Act now to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

TerraQuest’s journey towards a culture of software quality

Hosted by Laurie Cunningham, CTO at TerraQuest

Overview of TerraQuest’s journey in embedding a governance structure for software quality in its development teams. From understanding the rationale for continuous monitoring of software quality aspects, to the goals and benefits realized.

Laurie Cunningham from TerraQuest shares and explores the successes and lessons learned within the company and the broader impact on the team’s culture, embedded standards and core principles by which they continue to shape TerraQuest’s products and services.

Keeping smart products safe and secure – Continual Safety & Security Control

Hosted by Alexander Heyers, Presales Solutions Consultant at Siemens

What do a toothbrush, a keylock and mobile station have in common? All these products are now marketed as “smart”. But what does that mean for consumers? What does a development process have to look like to make products safe and secure right from the start?

Alexander Heyers from Siemens Industry Software will talk about using Siemens Polarion for risk assessments of functional safety and cyber security, and how security of products is thought through from the very beginning of the development activity. Moreover, how it is also ensured during the life cycle with our integration partner SIG.

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