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Enhance client success by showcasing your high-quality software delivery with the Sigrid® Delivery Partnership, perfect for IT service providers committed to transparency and excellence.

The Sigrid® Delivery Partner Advantage

Leverage the power of Sigrid® to build secure and maintainable applications, preventing the build-up of technical debt, and ensure transparency in software quality by setting clear objectives.

  • Provide clear visibility into your software quality and security with Sigrid's data-driven insights

  • Provide easy-to-understand data that facilitates collaboration and stronger client relationships.

  • Balance functionality with technical debt management using Sigrid's best-in-class portfolio management tools

  • Utilize Sigrid internally and generate additional income by reselling it to your clients at attractive margins.

Your Member Benefits:


Increase your visibility as a trusted delivery partner

List your company as a transparent Sigrid® Delivery Partner, helping you stand out from competitors and attract qualified leads.


Strengthen your expertise

Benefit from SIG's ongoing quality assurance program. Regular sampling ensures you're using the platform to its full potential, aligning with best practices. This not only helps you deliver exceptional results for your clients but also strengthens your internal expertise in Sigrid®, keeping your team at the forefront of the platform's capabilities.


Flexible licensing to adapt to your needs

Enjoy a dynamic licensing system that allows you to tailor your Sigrid® usage to your needs. Swap out applications within your partner license to ensure you have the right tools for every project.


Easily showcase transparency and expertise

Gain access to a dedicated Sigrid® Demo Environment to confidently demonstrate transparency throughout the customer journey. Ensure your team are trained experts with comprehensive training through the SIG Academy, equipping up to 100 users with the skills to leverage Sigrid® successfully.

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