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SIG Academy

Training courses designed to help you within your won role raise the quality of code throughout your organization.

Demand for good software is at an all-time high.


billion spent per year on debugging software worldwide

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Build reliable quality software


Focused training programs for Sigrid and software quality

The SIG Academy provides our clients with training programs focused on software quality management in Sigrid and the SIG methodology for software quality analysis.
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more expensive to fix bugs after release rather than during the design process.

We’ve analyzed over 18,000 systems and have a deep level of experience in knowing what best development practices and maintainable code should look like.

Our customers around the world embrace our methodologies, technologies and research, and they ask us to share the knowledge and skills that any practicing software developer should master to consistently write healthy source code.

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Key benefits of joining SIG Academy:

Maximize your use of Sigrid

Enabling you to understand Sigrid from top to bottom ensuring that you can make the most of everything that this platform has to offer.

Improve your software quality and coding skills

The content covers areas that allow you to become an even better coder, capable of building sustainable and healthy software.

Sigrid support

Learn about how Sigrid can best support you in your role. Understanding the benefits of Sigrid to bring clarity and simplicity to your role.