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We are Software Improvement Group

Software Improvement Group (SIG) helps business and technology leaders drive their organizational objectives by fundamentally improving the health and security of their software applications through consultancy and Sigrid®.



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Getting software right for a healthier digital world

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on software. We all trust our businesses, homes and lives to it, but do we really know what it’s made of? Or that it’s trustworthy? At Software Improvement Group, we make software transparent. It’s our mission to create a healthier digital world by getting software right and establishing assurance.

We do this by measuring source code against our software analysis database – which contains more than 200 billion lines of code.



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We help organizations around the world to expose hidden risks and opportunities in their applications, putting them on an accelerated path to legacy modernization and digital transformation.

We deliver actionable advice using a combination of our technology, scientific methodologies and software engineering expertise to measure, monitor and analyze the source code and architecture of your applications. Our experts then provide the recommendation on how to make them fit for (future) purpose.

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At SIG, we've built five fundamental pillars to deliver on our mission:


Software Quality Benchmark and models

Scientifically proven Benchmark and certified models


Research & Development

Quality of the product(s), the development processes, the proficiency of the teams, and the environmental impact.


Sigrid® | Software assurance platform

Giving you overview and insights on your software landscape quality - enhancing teams’ collaboration


SIG consultancy

The expert consultants use the benchmark to evaluate an organization’s IT assets on maintainability, scalability, reliability, complexity, security, privacy and other mission-critical factors.


SIG Academy

Learning and coaching - Sigrid® usage and code development

Our Company Values

We're committed to a set of core principles that drive us in our mission:


We are honest, trustworthy, genuine, and always aim to do the right thing - even if we have something to lose.


We serve our clients and partners best by staying objective and advising without bias, restrictions or affiliations.

High Quality

We deliver our work with the highest standards of professionalism and excellence to achieve exceptional results.

Fact based

We draw solid conclusions and make sound decisions based on facts and data, not opinions and gut feelings.


We embrace our rich diversity to create a work environment that’s inclusive, helpful, and supportive for all.


We are energized and engaged in work full of purpose, leading the way to a healthier digital world.

Why companies trust SIG

As an independent organization, SIG has the largest benchmark in the industry with more than 140 billion lines of code across hundreds of technologies.


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Our team


Robert Pijselman

Chairman of the Board

Luc Brandts

Group CEO

Jo-Ann Vis

VP Human Resources

Renze de Boer


Department Managers

Joep Mertens

Sales Director, Benelux CE

Werner Heijstek

Senior Delivery Director, Benelux CE

Marcel Starink

VP of International Sales, EMEA & APAC

Ravish Gopal

Delivery Director, EMEA & APAC

Eddy Boorsma

Partner SIG Transaction Services, EMEA & APAC

Jasper Geurts

Managing Director of SIG Americas

Michel van Dorp

VP Strategic Partnerships

Tibor Lapikas

Delivery Director, Partners

Pepijn van de Kamp

Head of Innovation

Dennis Bijlsma

Head of Product

Haiyun Xu

CISO, Head of Platform Team

Marijn Dessens

Head of Development

Michel van Dorp

VP Strategic Partnerships


Our culture is identity

Our organization prides itself on maintaining a flat hierarchical structure that fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, initiative, and creativity. We provide ample opportunities for our team members to take ownership of their projects and explore innovative ideas. Our exceptional team comprises talented individuals who possess extensive expertise in the realm of technology and software engineering. Together, we create an inspiring and collaborative environment where ideas flourish and cutting-edge solutions are developed.

We also believe in bringing a sense of fun into our work environment. From team building activities to friendly competitions, we embrace the fun aspect of work. We believe that a balance between work and fun encourages innovation and leads to even greater performance.


Join our team

The perks for working at SIG? The international environment, the camaraderie and warm office culture, our passion for software quality, challenging projects where you can really make a difference for organizations worldwide, and of course the free drinks and snacks on Fridays. Come and join our team!

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Employees Working at SIG

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