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Sigrid® | Open-Source Health

Managing open-source repositories is a responsibility you shouldn't neglect

The usage of open source libraries and communities is commonplace in the software development world. Approximately 80% of all software landscapes consist of open source code. With the success of open source libraries also comes the responsibility of managing their health and freshness. You need to monitor security, establish an update process, comply with the open source licenses, and keep an eye on the communities themselves. And on top of that, you must organize and manage these processes for all teams, systems, and technologies across your landscape.

Key benefits of Sigrid® | Open-Source Health

Monitor your open source strategy

Open source security is a culture

Open source security is a process

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of applications use open-source software

Monitor your open-source strategy

Every organization uses thousands of open source libraries. Some of these libraries likely depend on a single developer to maintain and keep them secure. Your portfolio probably uses thousands of open source libraries in dozens of different languages. Sigrid helps you keep track of all these libraries, so you can determine which ones pose a risk and which ones don’t.

Open-source security is a culture

Vulnerabilities in open source libraries happen all the time, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent them. Attackers know this too, and are using these vulnerabilities to exploit companies. That means you need to be alert when vulnerabilities pop up, so you can mitigate them immediately. Sigrid helps you scan for new vulnerabilities, rank them by where and how they affect your portfolio, and recommend how to fix them.

Open-source security is a process

Updating open source software takes effort. Updating every single library to every new version is often unrealistic, since these activities need to compete with other priorities. However, not updating can put you in a difficult position when a new severe vulnerability appears and you’re far behind the latest version. Sigrid can help you strike a balance and manage updating open source libraries in a risk-based way.


Sigrid® | Software Assurance

Learn how Sigrid®, the Software Assurance Platform from SIG, can illuminate the hidden risks in your application landscape – and give you actionable insight to cut costs, tackle security threats, and bring high-quality applications to market faster.