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Invest and sell confidently: Buy right and sell better with SIG

As an investor, we know you buy to create value. You need to buy with the right insights, to be able to create value out of your investment. Do you have the IT transparency you need to drive value in every stage of your transaction lifecycle?

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Dive deep into the code to identify hidden risks and opportunities

When you invest in a company, you invest in the software that runs it. As thought leaders in the M&A field with a distinctive platform, SIG dives deep into the code underlying digital assets to identify and quantify hidden investment risks and opportunities. We help companies incorporate the best of what a target firm can bring while avoiding the pitfalls that potentially can crush the value or delay the integration.

Your partner in each phase of the investment lifecycle


Pre-acquisition: IT Due Diligence

A typical technology due diligence barely scratches the surface, including little more than interviews with the target company’s IT leaders, a review of documentation and a demo of the software. The result? Investors buy a “black box” of software, only to find out later that it doesn't fit your goal and can’t support their strategic objectives.

SIG takes an objective, inside-out approach with a full source code analysis as the foundation of our work to identify scalability, security and stability risks and estimate efforts to resolve the technical debt.

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Growth phase: Get a grip on value creation

Following a successful acquisition, we support you in monitoring whether the recommendations from the IT due diligence report are being implemented and whether your investment objectives are on track.

With our software assurance platform, Sigrid®, you can continuously monitor the security and quality of the software architecture and source code of the digital assets just acquired and of all your investment companies. Based on the insights from Sigrid, combined with your own business context, our experts develop actionable, prioritized recommendations to ensure that your objectives stay on track and you can trust that the underlying digital ecosystem of your investments is safe, reliable and secure.

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Exit: Sell-Side Due Diligence

To best divest, investors call on SIG to uncover potential areas of risk prior to the sale, anticipate buyer concerns and develop a unique value proposition.

A Sell-Side Due Diligence engagement with us is a proactive way for sellers to ensure that the company is presented in the best possible light — and ensures sufficient time to rectify any issues prior to a transaction.

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