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Addressing the Core Challenges of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is complex, and professionals face numerous challenges daily. Our platform, Sigrid, provides transparency on the AS-IS status of your IT landscape to enhance cooperation with all stakeholders. Discover how in our whitepaper!

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Up-to-date As-Is Software Architecture

With the ever-changing landscape, having a real-time view of the current architecture is vital. Tools that offer enterprise architecture models and site mapping architecture can be invaluable. Get ongoing insights into the current state of your company’s architecture quality, risk, and associated costs. Assess whether the changes are moving the architecture in the right direction.

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Multi-Level Collaboration

Achieving a shared understanding across all levels can be a challenge without the right enterprise architect tools. Make informed decisions and create a shared understanding between the C-level stakeholders and the development teams.

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ROI Improvement Scenarios

Making informed decisions on large IT improvements is crucial. Prioritizing and quantifying efforts can be streamlined with the right enterprise architecture application. Determine the optimal improvement scenario for systems based on factual data and business context, so that you know the impact of renovating, rebuilding, re-architecting, and other approaches.

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Key Challenges and Solutions

Architectural quality in real-time

Eliminating the need for manual assessments or lengthy discussions with development teams. Shorten feedback loops.

Decision-making in ROI Improvement Scenarios

Get clarity in modernization scenarios, making it easier to communicate the importance of improvements to C-level executives.

Mapping Architecture Aspects to System Properties

Sigrid allows for a detailed analysis across six dimensions. Compare results with industry data, identifying anomalies and leading to actionable modernization plans.

Setting Clear Objectives

Streamline the process, ensuring that architectural decisions align with overall business objectives. Easily communicate with stakeholders at any level.


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    Make scenario decisions based on reliable data. Define, set, and achieve actionable quality goals.

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    Foster communication and clarity between C-level stakeholders and development teams.

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    See all planned and ongoing scenarios in a single overview. Constantly monitor your architecture.

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Why Sigrid?

Dive deeper into how Sigrid can transform your approach to enterprise architecture. Our whitepaper offers a comprehensive look into how Sigrid addresses the unique challenges faced by professionals in the field.


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