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Today's society is becoming increasingly dependent on digital public services. Citizens expect those services to be not only trustworthy and reliable, but also modern and user-friendly. Bringing these aspects together presents a formidable challenge for public organizations and IT suppliers alike.

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Government & Public

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To meet today's digital requirements, public organizations must choose between outsourcing and home-grown software, all the while justifying their actions to a wide array of stakeholders. Questions that often come up include: Are we doing the right things? Are we in control of our suppliers' development? Should we rebuild or renovate?

Public organizations can't be expected to possess all the necessary IT expertise to answer such questions properly. At SIG, we support them with fact-based analysis, putting findings into the perspective of our 4,000- system benchmark, and translating these findings into actionable recommendations - in a language that our public clients understand.

Sigrid | Software Assurance Platform

Expose hidden risks and opportunities in your source code to assure full control over your digital transformation.

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Software Risk Assessment

We get to the root cause of complex IT issues and provide you with practical strategies for improvement. Our fact-based analysis goes from bit to boardroom, providing the right people with the relevant insights.

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SIG Academy

Courses, training and certification designed to raise the quality of code throughout your organization - available online and in the classroom

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