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Sigrid | Software Assurance Platform

Expose hidden risks and opportunities in your source code to assure full control over your digital transformation.

Your software quality made measurable

Sigrid®, our software assurance platform, combines code analysis based on ISO 25010 with our unparalleled expertise to enable you to measure, evaluate and monitor your software quality in every stage of the software life cycle – whether you’re buying, building or operating it.

Sigrid pinpoints attention areas within your software portfolio.

Sigrid continuously monitors the health of your software applications on critical aspects such as maintainability, security, scalability and reliability, and makes these findings and metrics easily accessible to CIOs, architects and developers alike. Based on these results as well as your own business context, our experts develop actionable, prioritized recommendations to ensure your IT can fuel your organizational objectives.

Sigrid shows you how the quality of your software portfolio is progressing.

Sigrid | Software Assurance Platform


Insight from bit to boardroom

Sigrid provides high-level portfolio overviews of code-level violations as well as deep-dive findings around aspects such as system architecture. Whether it's the CIO or the last developer, all stakeholders get the appropriate insight.

A benchmarked score for your system

The results of your software measurements are compared with those of the 4,500 systems and 33 billion lines of code in our software analysis database, giving you immediate insight into how your software stacks up against the market.

ISO 25010 Maintainability analysis

Sigrid analyses source code maintainability according to the international standard for software quality: ISO/IEC 25010:2011. This certified analysis makes sure that the analysis is a real reflection of the maintainability of the system.

Prioritized actions without a flood of violations

Sigrid provides you with a prioritized list of clear actions, not a firehose of findings overloading your developers.

Support for 350+ technologies

From Cobol and PL/SQL via Java and .NET to Outsystems and Mendix, Sigrid supports more than 350 programming languages. That makes it the most comprehensive code quality tool available.


The implementation of the ISO 25010 standard by SIG has been certified by the TÜV/IT Nord in Germany and is regularly audited.

Quality of low-code, visualized

With Sigrid, developers get insights into the quality of their low-code applications in the same way they built them - visually. Not in lines of code from a text-based export. That makes it straightforward and intuitive to interpret results.

Sigrid’s Open Source Health module provides detailed insight into the state of third party dependencies within your portfolio, allowing you to proactively tackle security risks and copyright issues.

Sigrid | Software Assurance Platform

Modules & Integrations

Vulnerability Scanner

Sigrid performs a full security analysis on source code, identifying and prioritizing issues. Our consultants then translate these findings into recommended actions.

Open Source Health

A scan of your open source dependencies for risks around security, license usage, freshness, activity, stability and package manager use. Identified risks are summarized per dependency, giving you actionable insight.

Mendix Application Quality Monitor

A powerful integration with the Mendix Application Quality Monitor to analyze the quality of the code developed in the Mendix low-code environment and identify improvement areas.

Siemens Capital Software Designer

A powerful integration to effectively measure, manage, and control the software deliverables created with Siemens Capital Software Designer.

Sigrid’s Architecture page allows architects to find common anti-patterns and check if the implemented solution adheres to the design.

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