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Cow Hills Retail

“With the QA involvement of SIG in our Software Department, I am able to align interests of Clients, Developers, Management as well as our Shareholders.”

- Mark de Graaf, CTO Cow Hills Retail

Focus on high-quality software to increase client satisfaction

Cow Hills Retail is a Dutch company focused on excellence in Point of Sales (POS) software, dominating the European tier one Point of Sales market over the past 10 years. They provide a modern platform that improves the customer engagement experience at leading European Food & Non Food retailers.

Due to their extensive experience in the retail industry, Cow Hills Retail understands the demands of their customers. Their POS platform continuously evolves to support successful retail businesses.

In 2017, SIG was asked by a Private Equity firm to conduct an IT Due Diligence on Cow Hills’ software. After the Due Diligence, Cow Hills Retail wanted SIG to stay on as a Quality Assurance advisor to coach the development team and periodically update Management. The cooperation already lasts for 5 years and will continue, even when new investors join in the future. Cow Hills puts software quality first – with SIG as their trusted advisor.

The Challenge

  • How to guarantee quality software that meets business needs
  • How to use the outcomes of the IT due diligence to further optimize software quality and company value
  • How to keep developers and internal stakeholders aligned and focused on software build quality

The SIG Solution

  • Started with education and implementation of software build quality guidelines
  • Providing general management and development team with regular monitor reports on the software build quality of the platform
  • During the reporting sessions extensively discuss development objectives, quality trends and improvement areas
  • Measurement of the build quality of the main application, extending the scope to measuring mobile apps as well. With the introduction of new Sigrid features we implemented Open Source Health and Refactoring Candidates as well.

The Result

  • Client satisfaction increased due to less interruptions and less issues after upgrades
  • Developers are highly motivated to put the software build quality bar higher and higher, and is increasing by the day
  • Alignment on software quality and expectations on multiple levels