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Assessing the risks of a major overhaul project

KPN’s Customer Service department receives thousands of calls per day. The primary information system to handle these calls is KPN’s Annet system. This makes Annet one of the most important systems of KPN. Annet was designed and developed (mainly in the Java programming language) ten years ago by KPN and is currently maintained by Tech Mahindra.

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As part of a program to advance IT support for KPN’s call centre, an improvement initiative regarding its application, Annet, was put underway. As part of this improvement initiative, KPN asked SIG to perform a technical analysis of Annet on the source code level. SIG analysed maintainability of the Annet source code to assess the risks involved in performing major changes in Annet. SIG concluded that while maintainability was average, as can be expected for a system of more than 10 years old, the key to improvements in Annet is not in the source code, but in the configuration scripts. The insights provided by SIG enabled KPN to substantiate and guide specific technical projects regarding the Annet source code and Annet’s deployment.

Pascal van Eck, lead consultant SIG: “Thanks to very valuable cooperation with both Tech Mahindra and the original designer of Annet, we were quickly able to analyse the entire Annet codebase using our tools. This cooperation was also crucial in interpreting the results that our tools provided. In our view, this interpretation is the key to providing actual advice instead of just feedback on the code we saw. It is easy to be critical. It is much more challenging to be helpful, but that is what we always strive for.

”SIG delivered a high-quality report analysis in which you really see that this is the core expertise of SIG. Within a strict time schedule interviews and code analyses were done. Based on facts and their extended knowledge of software quality they advised three clear topics for further improvement.”
Hidde Andriessen, CIO Office at KPN