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Assess Artificial Intelligence software

Solid engineering and quality code are essential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to succeed, but difficult to achieve. To prevent your Artificial Intelligence project from failing, start with assessing your software engineering.

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Artificial Intelligence is a key factor in digital transformation

Enterprises are increasingly embracing AI to transform their business, resulting in new issues:

  • How to make the transition from data science to AI in practice?
    In the lab, your AI looks promising. But how does it work in practice, where quality really matters? Gain control over software engineering best practices to prevent unmaintainable AI, which can easily lead to failure.
  • How to convince internal and external stakeholders to trust your AI solution?
    For many people, AI is relatively new. So to gain trust in your AI solution, provide an answer to the question if your AI is accurate, fair, transparent, secure, reliable and privacy-preserving.
  • How to keep track of the economics of your AI solution?
    What is an AI initiative worth regarding the value of the effort, and what are the risks involved? When you understand these economics, you can manage changeability and testability or valuate your AI solution.

Assess Artificial Intelligence software

Our solutions

Software is a key aspect of AI and at SIG we do know how to get software right. Thanks to research and more than 50 client engagements, we’re familiar with the typical challenges involved in AI projects. We have extended our core capabilities to help AI initiatives succeed and to perform IT Due Diligence.


Software Assurance for Artificial Intelligence

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), solid engineering and code quality are difficult to achieve, but essential for success. We have extended our core capabilities to help you with your AI initiatives to design, build and deploy responsible AI and to be truly successful.

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Sigrid® | Software Assurance Platform

Sigrid enables you to measure, evaluate and monitor your entire software landscape health at every stage of its life cycle – whether you’re buying, building, or operating.

By exposing hidden risks and opportunities in your source code, Sigrid gives you full insights in and recommendations on the performance of your software portfolio, continuously.

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Buying Software

IT Due Diligence

We dive deep into the code underlying digital assets to identify and quantify hidden investment risks and opportunities.

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