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Guide Legacy Modernization

Putting software at the core of your business means taking a hard look at your legacy systems. And, most importantly, implementing a pragmatic transformation plan based on facts.

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Guide Legacy Modernization

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A staggering number of organizations continue to rely heavily on legacy technology, running core systems on platforms that are outdated, inflexible and expensive. And in today's competitive new landscape, these old systems are hindering success as a digital business.

To help reduce dependencies on legacy technology, the SIG experts develop tailored plans based on the deep insights we gather on your systems around quality, size and improvement opportunities - accelerating your path to digital transformation.

Operating software

Legacy Modernization Assurance

We qualify your software landscape architecture, create your risk-based modernization roadmap to ensure your software is fit for business purposes.

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Sigrid® | Software Assurance Platform

Sigrid enables you to measure, evaluate and monitor your entire software landscape health at every stage of its life cycle – whether you’re buying, building, or operating.

By exposing hidden risks and opportunities in your source code, Sigrid gives you full insights in and recommendations on the performance of your software portfolio, continuously.

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