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Improve Architecture & Design

The right software architecture lays the foundation needed to rapidly develop and deploy flexible solutions - enhancing the customer experience and fueling innovation.

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Improve Architecture & Design

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A proper software architecture is crucial for maintaining high-quality software. Our expert consultants help you get your architecture right, providing your team with a comprehensive architectural analysis as well as concrete actions for improvement going forward.


Software Risk Monitoring and Advisory

We provide actionable advice to improve the quality of your applications and keep your team at peak performance - with our consultants' expertise and software assurance platform, Sigrid.

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Sigrid | Software Assurance Platform

Expose hidden risks and opportunities in your source code to assure full control over your digital transformation.

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Software Risk Assessment

We get to the root cause of complex IT issues and provide you with practical strategies for improvement. Our fact-based analysis goes from bit to boardroom, providing the right people with the relevant insights.

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