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Manage Technical Debt Effectively

Technical debt is a formidable barrier to a company’s competitiveness, but the vast majority of it should actually be left as-is. IT teams need insight into which areas will deliver the highest ROI.

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Every developer knows that complexies lie in each and every part of software he or she maintains. But this is a local view; these issues may not be significant compared to others. It’s also difficult to have a proper assessment of the risk associated with removing those complexities. What other parts of the software will be affected? Will new risks be introduced?

Management teams, on the other hand, have insight on the business value of their systems. But how should they best deal with technical debt? What’s the ROI of improving it? Where are the best candidates in the landscape? These insights are key for effective technical debt management, but difficult to acquire.

Manage Technical Debt Effectively

Our solutions

SIG provides the Sigrid software assurance platform and specialized solutions to help teams at all organizational levels determine the most effective approach to technical debt management, based on ROI.


ROI-focused Technical Debt Management

Focus technical debt “payoff” efforts for highest return

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Development Productivity and Efficiency

We identify production bottlenecks, provide deep insight into the churn and quality of your software delivery and recommend the right actions for resolution.

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