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Buying Software

Manage Vendor Selection

When finding the right supplier for your organization, you should make sure the vendor delivers what is promised - up front. Assessing the feasibility of the vendors plans against established standards will help you control the vendor selection process.

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Manage Vendor Selection

Our solutions

Unique IT solutions aren't created in a vacuum, but in collaboration with your suppliers. But do they deliver their solutions on time, against reasonable costs and in line with desired quality?

SIG guides clients with their vendor management by offering early analysis of vendors proposals on feasibility. Is the proposed implementation realistic, does the vendor apply proper quality standards and does the solution match the technical requirements? SIG provides insight.

Building Software

Software Risk Assessment

We get to the root cause of complex IT issues and provide you with practical strategies for improvement. Our fact-based analysis goes from bit to boardroom, from build quality to security, providing the right people with the relevant insights.

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Development Productivity and Efficiency

We identify production bottlenecks, provide deep insight into the churn and quality of your software delivery and recommend the right actions for resolution.

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