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Measure & Improve Productivity

More and more, developers and architects are working in smaller teams, often operating autonomously. That makes it difficult for organizations to stay in control of development process efficiency.

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Measure & Improve Productivity

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The first step in taking back control of software development is to gain insight into the current processes. How effectively do your teams work? Which processes do they follow before going to market?

At SIG, we provide you with insight into these questions to better understand the efficiency and effectiveness of development. We benchmark the outcomes against your industry's standard, so you know if you're on the right track or should consider measures for improvement.


Software Risk Monitoring and Advisory

We provide actionable advice to improve the quality of your applications and keep your team at peak performance - with our consultants' expertise and software assurance platform, Sigrid.

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Development Productivity and Efficiency

We identify production bottlenecks, provide deep insight into the churn and quality of your software delivery and recommend the right actions for resolution.

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