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Healthier digital world in everything we do.

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As the world relies more and more on software, Software Improvement Group (SIG) acknowledges and deeply understands the risks associated with developing and using it.



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We help organizations around the world to expose hidden risks and opportunities in their applications, putting them on an accelerated path to legacy modernization and digital transformation.

We deliver actionable advice using a combination of our technology, scientific methodologies and software engineering expertise to measure, monitor and analyze the source code and architecture of your applications. Our experts then provide the recommendation on how to make them fit for (future) purpose.

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To fulfill this role that we have defined for ourselves, we have formulated a number of key principles:


We are honest, trustworthy, genuine, and always aim to do the right thing - even if we have something to lose.


We serve our clients and partners best by staying objective and advising without bias, restrictions or affiliations.

High Quality

We deliver our work with the highest standards of professionalism and excellence to achieve exceptional results.

Fact based

We draw solid conclusions and make sound decisions based on facts and data, not opinions and gut feelings.


We embrace our rich diversity to create a work environment that’s inclusive, helpful, and supportive for all.


We are energized and engaged in work full of purpose, leading the way to a healthier digital world.

Our Commitment.

We commit ourselves to providing world-class, independent analysis of software risks. Through our analysis, fully automated through our Sigrid® software assurance platform and enhanced with manual research, we strive towards full coverage of all software code and related development processes.

With our vast experience, we have served hundreds of client organizations worldwide across industries, leading to a software analysis database of 50 billion lines of code.

Striving for completeness does not imply a guarantee for completeness, as theoretically, it would be possible to miss the proverbial needle in the haystack. Based on our principles explained above, however, we do everything in our power to get as close to perfection as possible.

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Employees Working In SIG