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Siemens partners with SIG to provide its clients with best-in-class, integrated solutions for software assurance.

Together, Siemens and SIG are meeting growing demand in the automotive and aerospace industry for quality assurance for embedded code.

Our partnership makes it possible to integrate Sigrid®, our software quality assurance platform, with the technology from Siemens Capital Software Designer. This gives clients operating in the automotive and aerospace industries greater control and management over software-related security, risk and costs.

In addition, the integration enables software architects, testers and developers to implement quality assurance early in the development process and actively monitor quality of their software throughout execution and operation. The software quality assurance capability operates according to ISO25010 and makes software quality a verifiable, actionable aspect.


Sigrid for Siemens Capital Software Designer

Sigrid for Siemens Capital Software Designer is the custom integration with the SIG software assurance platform.

Sigrid for Siemens Capital Software Designer

A powerful add-on to effectively measure, manage, and control the software deliverables created with Siemens Capital Software Designer.

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Buying Software

Contract Software Quality

When outsourcing software development, organizations often struggle to ensure quality in the delivered product. Contract terms for software quality help to avoid this common pitfall, providing clear terms for both client and supplier.

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