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We're always working to advance the field of software engineering with our dedicated team of scientific researchers. Green IT & Software, Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

Full-spectrum Software Assurance


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Science & Engineering


Our Research team performs state-of-the-art scientific research in software engineering, often in collaborations with our academic partners. These are three of our key research directions:



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Sustainable software.

We are creating a scientifically-validated model to measure the sustainability of software. In the LETSGO project we collaborate on this goal with Schuberg Philis, Free Universiteit Amsterdam, Immuno, SURF, Stichting Green IT Amsterdam and Utrecht University.

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Artificial intelligence.

Applications of AI and machine learning are disrupting the domain of software assurance. We are working on intelligent support for software assurance workflows supported by AI and on novel applications of AI to analyze software quality.

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Trustworthy open source.

Modern software development relies on trustworthy open source ecosystems. We are researching tools and techniques to detect and mitigate open source security vulnerabilities and supply chain weaknesses.

In the FASTEN project we created fine-grained open source supply chain networks in collaboration with Technical University Delft, Athens University of Economics and Business, University of Madrid, XWIKI, OW2, and Hoverture.

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Annual Benchmark Report

The SIG Benchmark Report presents the clearest picture of the state of the global software industry. You'll discover key findings that will help you monitor your business in the digital world of today.

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SIG Research Vision

SIG’s Research Vision addresses the gaps in software assurance by considering the full-spectrum: the quality of the software product(s), the development processes, the proficiency of the teams, and the environmental impact.

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