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Rijkswaterstaat makes software quality integral to strategy, signing another long-term contract with SIG

22 October 2020

(Dutch version can be found here)

Rijkswaterstaat makes software quality integral to strategy,
signing another long-term contract with SIG

SIG will continue to provide Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, with continuous software quality monitoring through its software assurance platform, Sigrid®.


Amsterdam, October 22, 2020 – Software Improvement Group (SIG), the independent authority on software assurance, today announced that Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) has once again signed a four-year agreement for its software assurance. For RWS, it is crucial to be able to manage software build quality across its entire portfolio, enabling the organization to effectively manage its suppliers in realizing a future-proof application landscape.

With Sigrid®, the SIG software assurance platform, SIG performs continuous software measurements on business-critical, custom-built applications within the RWS portfolio and also provides the organization with technology consulting services. SIG delivers in collaboration with Salves, a provider of software testing and development services.

As the world becomes more dynamic and digital, and more and more data-driven for RWS, good software quality is essential for achieving organizational goals. With the renewed partnership with SIG, RWS has increased the number of systems and expanded the software quality aspects to be continuously measured, thereby gaining the ability to assess the following:

Peter den Held, Director of Development Services at Rijkswaterstaat: “Software is everywhere and therefore plays an increasingly important role, especially in the infrastructure for which Rijkswaterstaat is responsible. This means that software risks are also becoming increasingly relevant, and that we are increasingly critical of what we, as Rijkswaterstaat, put into use. It is of great importance to us that the software we develop ourselves, as well as the software that is developed for us, is independently tested and compared with an international benchmark. In SIG, we have found the perfect partner to keep us, and our suppliers, constantly on the ball in the field of software quality.”

Luc Brandts, Chief Executive Officer at SIG: “We have had the privilege of monitoring the software build quality at Rijkswaterstaat for years now and are pleased to continue for another four. Our Sigrid platform helps Rijkswaterstaat and its suppliers to understand the risks inherent in software and limit them as much as possible. We greatly appreciate the extension and expansion of our relationship with such an organization.”