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Software Improvement Group announces relocation to EDGE Olympic offices

05 April 2018

SIG operates in over 10 countries, with offices in 5. As per May first, SIG will relocate its headquarters in Amsterdam as a next step in facilitating employees in an optimal manner to work towards realizing its mission “Getting Software Right”.

EDGE Olympic, designed to inspire and fulfill both company- and individual needs, has a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure that allows and drives productivity and creativity. There will be a focus on health and mental well-being, which are key factors for SIG.

Erik Oltmans, CEO, says: “We are extremely proud to move into our new headquarters and continue our strong international ambitions on improving software through consultancy and products. To realise this ambition, we want to facilitate our employees -our biggest capital- in an optimal manner. We are confident that moving into EDGE Olympic will realise this and will provide our employees with an inspiring and productivity-boosting environment.”

This milestone will be celebrated accordingly with employees, clients, alumni and suppliers. More information on this will follow soon.

SIG’s new address, as of May 1, will be:

EDGE Olympic
Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE  Amsterdam
+31 20 3140 950