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Software Improvement Group announces Sigrid® build pipeline integration, connecting “bit to boardroom”

19 November 2020

Software Improvement Group announces Sigrid® build pipeline integration, connecting “bit to boardroom”

Continuous integration with Sigrid, the SIG software assurance platform, will enable organizations to increase software agility and portfolio-wide control over build quality.

AMSTERDAM, November 19, 2020Today at its inaugural virtual user conference, SIG Commit 2020, Software Improvement Group (SIG) announced the upcoming launch of build pipeline integration for its Sigrid® software assurance platform.

When integrated into the software build pipeline, Sigrid acts as a code quality gate, giving development teams direct, immediate feedback to ensure that every new commit meets client-defined maintainability standards. This latest enhancement to the Sigrid platform will launch in Q1 2021 and support a wide range of leading CI tools, including GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, and Bitbucket.

Sigrid build pipeline integration was among the highlights of the first SIG Commit, the Sigrid user conference to be held biannually for SIG customers, partners, and prospects. SIG Commit virtually brought together developers, architects, and IT leaders from more than 30 countries across six continents. The event featured inspiring keynotes, interactive demos, and breakout sessions showcasing the full power of the platform to cut software maintenance costs, mitigate security threats, and bring high-quality applications to market faster.

Luc Brandts, CEO of SIG: “Organizations in nearly every industry and every part of the world are increasing their bets on software-driven innovation, and SIG is investing heavily in the Sigrid platform to help them build high-quality, sustainable software more efficiently and effectively. We were pleased to have brought together so many IT professionals from around the globe for the first-ever SIG Commit to inspire the conversations that will allow us to continue delivering next generation software assurance. We are already looking forward to welcoming everyone at the next SIG Commit in the spring of 2021.”

About Software Improvement Group (SIG)

Software Improvement Group (SIG) is helping organizations to trust the technology they depend on.

We’ve made it our mission to get software right for a healthier digital world, combining our intelligent technology with our human expertise to dig deep into the build quality of enterprise software and architecture – measuring, monitoring, and benchmarking it against the world’s largest software analysis database.

With SIG software assurance, organizations can surface the factors driving software TCO and make fact-based decisions to cut costs, reduce risk, speed up time to market, and accelerate digital transformation.

The SIG software analysis laboratory is the only one in the world accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for software quality analysis. We make this lab accessible to our clients through our software assurance platform, Sigrid, enabling them to take a risk-based approach to improving the health of their IT landscapes.

We serve clients spanning the globe in every industry, including DHL, Philips, ING, KLM, BTPN, Weltbild, KPN as well as leading European governmental organizations.

SIG was founded in 2000 as an independent technology company with embedded consulting services. SIG is headquartered in Amsterdam, with offices in New York, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Frankfurt.