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Software Improvement Group honors National Bank of Greece, TBA Group, TenderNed and Centric for software excellence

03 July 2023

Software Improvement Group honors National Bank of Greece, TBA Group, TenderNed and Centric for software excellence

Amsterdam, July 3, 2023Software Improvement Group (SIG), a renowned institute specializing in software health analysis, has announced the winners of its fifth annual client awards. These awards recognize organizations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership, vision, and results in gaining control over the build quality, maintainability, and security of their application landscapes. The winners were announced during the 2023 SIG Symposium, a gathering of visionary thinkers and digital leaders focused on boosting software performance in the competitive marketplace.

SIG recognized the following organizations with awards in four categories:

National Bank of Greece – Open Source Hero Award: This award honors the client with an exceptional open source and third-party software strategy, benefiting from reuse while mitigating risks and contributing back to the community. The National Bank of Greece (NBG) plays a vital role in supporting the Greek economy and has demonstrated outstanding success in preventing vulnerable dependencies over time.

TBA Group – Industry Pioneer Award: This award recognizes the client with the most integrated software quality application, serving as an example for its industry. TBA Group is a globally operating software company that optimizes logistic processes worldwide. Their proactive security management approach and focus on software quality led to an efficient ISO27001 certification.

TenderNed – Master of Software Health Award: This award celebrates clients who have implemented a structure facilitating high-quality source code development and cultivating awareness around application health. TenderNed, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ), has significantly improved maintainability and reduced technical debt, resulting in the realization of new features in just two weeks, compared to three months previously.

Centric – Legacy Modernizer Award: This award acknowledges exceptional software modernization efforts. Centric, a major player in the Dutch software market for, amongst others, municipalities, successfully modernized the frontend of a crucial system used by municipalities and citizens. The new frontend achieved a 4-star rating, significantly surpassing the previous rating. The project was completed over three years with minimal disruption to end users.


Bart Fehmers, CEO of SIG, congratulated the winners, emphasizing their achievements as an inspiration to organizations worldwide. He praised their commitment to excellence and highlighted the tangible benefits of prioritizing software quality. These organizations are setting new benchmarks in the software industry. The annual SIG Client Awards not only recognize the outstanding efforts of these organizations but also serve as a testament to the importance of software quality and its impact on overall business success. SIG commends the winners and looks forward to their continued leadership and innovation in the software industry.