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Software Improvement Group launches Software Assurance with a Service platform: Sigrid

29 May 2019

May 29, 2019 – Amsterdam – Software Improvement Group (SIG), the independent authority on software quality, launches today a unique platform that integrates its leading technology with its consultants’ leading expertise: Sigrid. A Software Assurance with a Service platform, Sigrid enables IT and business leaders in both private and public sectors to drive their organizational strategies by fundamentally improving the health and security of their software applications.  

Why Software Assurance with a Service?

The mission of SIG is to create a healthier digital world. Luc Brandts, CTO at SIG: “People trust their lives and careers to technology, but don’t actually have clear visibility into the quality of these applications. SIG offers deep code visibility, an assessment of the status of a software application. SIG begins its evaluation by receiving the source code at its software analysis laboratory, the only one in the world that’s accredited by TÜViT to assess systems for the ISO 25010 Trusted Product Maintainability certificate. Analysis by our expert consultants then follows, who uncover hidden risks and opportunities in the source code and, based on the purpose of the application, give advice on how to progress from there. The fact is, customers don’t want to do this once in a while – they want to continually monitor the development of their application landscape and get feedback from the SIG experts. And that’s exactly what Sigrid does. That’s what Software Assurance with a Service is about.”

Maintainability first to gain control over digital transformation

SIG begins its engagement with customers by looking at the maintainability of software. Mr. Brandts explains: “The level of maintainability indicates your innovation power, the speed at which you can make modifications to your software. That’s essential in today’s digital world, where things are continuously changing. Using the SIG 5-star maintainability rating scale, our research shows that teams working with 4-star applications resolve issues three times faster than those working with 2-star applications.” 

Security with a Service

Rob van der Veer, Principal Security and Privacy Consultant at SIG: “With the release of Sigrid today, SIG also launches a brand-new add-on, Security with a Service. This add-on enhances SIG’s existing security and privacy offering by providing developers and decision makers with continuous access to issues. We combine the Sigrid platform with the human intelligence of our multidisciplinary team by analyzing the source code in-depth, incorporating code review findings and filtering results from code scanning tools – then adding explanation, prioritization and recommendations. With this new add-on as part of Sigrid, this analysis can also be performed on an ongoing basis and managed through the platform – allowing quick reporting and efficient collaboration with the SIG experts and tool set, taking business context and impact into account. With the increasing importance of privacy and security, Sigrid allows you to monitor continuously and gain control over these hidden risks.”

About Software Improvement Group (SIG)

Software Improvement Group (SIG) helps business and technology leaders drive their organizational objectives by fundamentally improving the health and security of their software applications. SIG combines its proprietary tools and benchmark data with its consultants’ expertise to help organizations measure, evaluate and improve code quality – whether they’re building, buying or operating software.

SIG has the largest benchmark in the industry with more than 20 billion lines of code across more than 260 technologies. The expert consultants at SIG use the benchmark to evaluate an organization’s IT assets on maintainability, scalability, reliability, complexity, security, privacy and other mission-critical factors. The SIG laboratory is the only one in the world accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 for software quality analysis.

Founded in 2000, SIG is headquartered in Amsterdam and New York with regional offices in Copenhagen, Antwerp and Frankfurt.