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2019 SIG Symposium

Setting the Benchmark for Software Assurance

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Our biggest takeaways from analyzing 25 billion lines of code — and how they can help you steer your digital transformation

By invitation only


Date: September 26, 2019

Time: 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Location: SIG Headquarters: Fred. Roeskestraat 115, Amsterdam

Just like gazing up at the stars in the night sky can reveal pieces about our past, present and future, analyzing 25 billion lines of code over the past decade has taught us some important lessons about the state of the software industry – and how software development will impact digital transformation.

At the 2019 SIG Symposium, our CTO, Luc Brandts, and Head of Research, Magiel Bruntink, will look back at the last 10 years of software analysis to share the most significant takeaways. Based on this data taken from actual software projects, they’ll also share predictions about how new technologies and modern architectures will influence the future of software development – and your business agility.

Questions to be discussed:

• What are the most remarkable software development trends from the past 10 years?
• Has software quality improved or declined?
• Does a better software process also yield better quality software?
• What’s the future impact of emerging technology stacks and modern architectures?

The Symposium will feature digital leaders in both the public and private sectors from around the world, who will share their visions on software quality and security. Highlights will include a business case from Trafikverket as well as how Eurobank made innovative changes on a technical and management level.


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2019 SIG Symposium Highlights

Morning sessions:

• Benchmark report: The inaugural SIG software assurance industry benchmark | SIG
• Managing Hypergrowth | EVBox
• On the path of digital transformation into the future | Trafikverket

Afternoon sessions (incl. lunch):

• Interactive break-out sessions:

• Change management required to build a Digital Factory | Eurobank

• Integrating secure software development | DSO

• Closing

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Our featured speakers


Jerk Brorsson, Head of Business Architecture


Fredrik Lemón, Strategic Advisor to CIO


Joeri Kamp, VP Everon


Piotr Krzepczak, Senior Architect & Head of Software Development



Bas Crompvoets, ICT Architect

Eurobank Group IT

Spyros Bethanis, Digital Channels Systems Division Manager

Software Improvement Group

Luc Brandts, CTO


Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research


Logistical information:

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