Managing Code Quality in IT Contracts

Are you in control of code quality in your IT contracts?


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Managing Code Quality in IT Contracts

Purchasers of IT systems face a number of significant decisions in the preparatory phase of procurement. What needs must the system meet? How should the system be integrated into the existing portfolio, and how is high performance ensured? Should the system be a standard system, or should it be specially developed? In addition, all of this should typically be resolved within a tight budget framework.

Therefor, it’s crucial to include requirements for source code quality as a clear and objective requirement in your next IT contract. In this white paper, we’ll provide you with insights into how you – both technically and legally – can ensure you acquire a system with high quality source code which also can be easily maintained in the time after implementation. Available in English and Danish.

You’ll come away with a deeper understanding of:

  • Which typical issues procurement is facing when acquiring a brand new system
  • Why authoritative quality measurements can be an alternative for the traditional ones
  • How to determine the right quality level of source code
  • Why it’s crucial to incorporate code quality into an IT contract
  • Why continuous monitoring is an essential part of your procurement process

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Søren Skibsted
Kromann Reumert



Thomas Wernblad Hansen
Advokat / Attorney at law,
Kromann Reumert



Rasmus Petersen
Capability Lead and Consultant,
Software Improvement Group


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