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SIG IT Due Diligence

How we help you identify and quantify hidden risks and opportunities for your investment

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Every IT due diligence engagement with SIG is a fast-paced, in-depth investigation that identifies hidden IT-related risks, giving you a stronger negotiating position and paving the way for mitigation actions once the transaction is closed.

Delivered within the tight two- to three-week timelines required by investors and strategic buyers, our analysis covers inherent software quality, exposure to dependencies on third-party components, security and privacy issues, and future scalability.

Our experts help you answer questions like:

  • Does the target company’s software support your future growth plans?
    Can it scale to more users, adapt to new platforms, or integrate with other solutions? Or are substantial changes needed?
  • Are there IP-related issues hiding in the source code?
    Liberal use of open source software or dependence on third-party solutions may have legal implications that don’t align with your strategic plans.
  • What’s the value of the software portfolio, and what future costs must be factored in?
    What is a reasonable price for the code base you acquire? How well is it engineered? How much technical debt do you face?
  • How strong is the IT team of the target company?
    How well does its software development team stack up against industry benchmarks? How productive is it? What is the capacity for innovation?

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