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Security and Privacy Assessment

We help you eliminate hidden source code weaknesses to protect the security of your data and privacy of your customers.

Ensure the right security and privacy controls are built into your IT

Day after day in the headlines, we see the consequences of security and privacy issues – and the majority of these incidents are caused by mistakes in software development. While information systems should be designed and built with security and privacy requirements in mind, they rarely are. So how do you know the right security and privacy controls have been built into your IT? The answer lies in your source code.

At SIG, we combine our consultant’s leading expertise with the leading tooling of our Sigrid platform to help you ensure the security of your data and the privacy of your customers. Our solution provides:

  • Structured Security and Privacy assessments of software systems to reveal (future) weaknesses and allow immediate improvement, from source code to infrastructure – and provide practical guidance in the jungle of standards, technologies and best practices.
  • The Sigrid Vulnerability Scanner offers continuous inspection and coaching, bringing peace of mind to business stakeholders and focus to engineers in the complex world of software quality. Everyone from the CIO to the last developer gets access to integrated and curated findings, priorities, recommendations, metrics and statistics on maintainability, security and privacy.

Digital Security and Privacy Assessment


Prioritized actions without a flood of violations

Sigrid® provides you with a prioritized list of clear actions, not a firehose of findings overloading your developers.

Insight from bit to boardroom

Sigrid® provides high-level portfolio overviews of code-level violations as well as deep-dive findings around aspects such as system architecture. Whether it's the CIO or the last developer, all stakeholders get the appropriate insight.

Analysis from the inside out

A full security audit requires an assessment beginning with the code itself. Our consultants, with the help of our leading tooling, will analyze the source code and identify and prioritize findings.

Vulnerability Scanner

Sigrid performs a full security analysis on source code, identifying and prioritizing issues. Our consultants then translate these findings into recommended actions.


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