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Software Risk Assessment

We get to the root cause of complex IT issues and provide you with practical strategies for improvement. Our fact-based analysis goes from bit to boardroom, from build quality to security, providing the right people with the relevant insights.

Address complex IT issues at the root

Using a methodology based on the ISO 25010 standard, our Software Risk Assessment involves thorough analysis of your application landscape to help you to solve complex IT strategy issues, such as:

  • Late delivery of projects
  • Slow pace of innovation
  • Legacy system challenges
  • Productivity issues

Our experts begin the Software Risk Assessment by digging deep into the source code to analyze structural issues. Based on these results, we then perform in-depth analysis to reveal the root causes of core issues. The client’s most pressing questions are answered and included in our final report deliverable.

Software Risk Assessment


The SIG Software Risk Assessment is a proven, fact-based method for enhancing IT strategy. It provides the following benefits:

Insight from bit to boardroom

Sigrid® provides high-level portfolio overviews of code-level violations as well as deep-dive findings around aspects such as system architecture. Whether it's the CIO or the last developer, all stakeholders get the appropriate insight.

Independent, objective advisory

SIG provides actionable advice and recommendations that are independent, impartial and objective. We have no stake in the outcome and focus only on the facts.

Immediate improvements

Our guidance and recommendations can be implemented immediately in Sigrid, our software assurance platform. That means you can start your improvement plan right away.

A benchmarked score for your system

The results of your software measurements are compared with those of the 10,000 systems and 85+ billion lines of code in our software analysis database, giving you immediate insight into how your software stacks up against the market.

Support for 300+ technologies

From Cobol and PL/SQL via Java and .NET to Outsystems and Mendix, Sigrid supports more than 300 programming languages. That makes it the most comprehensive code quality tool available.

Software Risk Assessment


SIG provides a wealth of specialized analyses, which provide deep insight into the state of your IT landscape and input for improvement programs.

Root-cause analysis

Resolving complex IT-issues requires a proper factual analysis that brings all facts to the table. Our expert consultants analyze your IT-landscape and associated processes to get to the root of any issue. Our fact-based reports will align your organization to address the root causes immediately.

Scenario development & analysis

Rebuild, restructure or remove? That's often the key question in managing IT issues. SIG develops and analyzes realistic scenarios and provides factual and financial background on the best option - crucial insight that can never be lacking in IT strategy.

Cost estimation

It's good to know where your improvement opportunities are within your IT-landscape, but the next step is the financial story. Can you afford the changes? And what will be your return on investment? SIG can price improvement scenarios and calculate ROI factors, something invaluable to any improvement program.

ISO 25010 Capabilities

As a certified ISO 25010 laboratory, SIG provides analyses on Maintainability, Security, Performance Efficiency, Reliability and Usability. These analyses provide the insight for analyzing complex IT-issues.

Development Process Assessment

To write great code, you need top tooling and solid processes to support your developers. SIG can analyze the practices used by your development teams and benchmark them against the industry. Based on our detailed analysis, you can make improvements that will positively impact your time to market.

Go-live predictability

You've promised a release date, but will it be ready in time? SIG can analyze the current project progress and predict the go-live date. This provides invaluable knowledge about the chance of timely delivery. And if your delivery date is at risk for running behind, we can recommend mitigation strategies.

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