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Sigrid for Mendix

Sigrid, our software assurance platform, offers an integration for the Mendix low-code development environment. The Application Quality Monitor (AQM) provides quality monitoring based on ISO 25010 for your low-code environment.

Deliver highly-maintainable applications at speed

To keep development velocity high and prevent the technical debt snowball, software development teams need instant insight into the quality and maintainability of the applications they’re building.

The Mendix Application Quality Monitor offers a dashboard that provides software developers, their management and quality assurance teams with visibility across all enterprise applications, while allowing them to drill deeper into problem areas.

Mendix application models have been mapped by the experts of SIG on the ISO 25010 standard for software quality. The Application Quality Monitor measures key aspects of maintainability against a set of parameters and benchmarks your application against the SIG database, the largest in the industry, to deliver a score of 1-5 stars.

Sigrid for Mendix

Features and Benefits

Get a complete overview of your application landscape

The Application Quality Monitor allows you to see the quality rating of every application in your portfolio. That way, you can compare the performance of each and see which are in need of attention.

Know exactly what to fix and where

In addition to giving you a high-level overview of your application landscape, the Application Quality Monitor also zooms in on problem areas in your code base so your team knows exactly which issues to resolve.

Spend just the right amount of effort on maintenance - no more, no less

When it comes to coding, there’s a point where the extra maintenance effort isn’t worth the added value. The Application Quality Monitor lets you know when you’re there, using a star-rating system that provides a clear indication of when you’ve hit the sweet spot for optimal software maintenance.

Receive instant alerts to system weaknesses

The Application Quality Monitor alerts you whenever any changes made to your applications have had a negative impact. This allows you to stay proactively focused on prevention rather than putting out fires.

Free up greater resources for innovation

The Application Quality Monitor shows you which development teams or suppliers are performing well and which projects need extra man-power or maintenance. That way, you achieve a more efficient allocation of resources.

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Mendix is the fastest and easiest platform to build and continuously improve mobile and web applications at scale. SIG partners with Mendix to enable Mendix customers to monitor the security, reliability and maintainability of the business-critical applications they build using the Mendix platform.

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