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Software Improvement Group expands Mendix quality and security proposition by acquiring Mendix-related technology from Siemens partner CLEVR

30 May 2024

With the acquisition of CLEVR’s IP, Software Improvement Group expands its global customer base and intensifies its partnership with Mendix and Siemens.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 30 May 2024

Software Improvement Group (SIG), a leader in traditional and AI software quality assurance, has acquired the IP and customer contracts from all CLEVR’s Mendix-related quality assurance technology.

Mendix, a subsidiary of Siemens, is the global leader in enterprise low-code.

SIG’s 2023 benchmark report showed that low-code systems are more entangled, especially at larger system sizes. This makes them harder to maintain, compared to systems built in modern general-purpose languages. The report also highlighted that having higher-quality architecture enables you to address issues twice as quickly as lower-quality architecture.

As the industry embraces these powerful low-code tools, we must also enhance our processes to ensure that our rapid creations do not become liabilities. Low-code is still code, after all. Successfully deploying complex applications at scale requires a balanced approach.” – Luc Brandts, CEO of Software Improvement Group

CLEVR has operated specific quality technology for Mendix, which are now acquired by SIG:

In the past, SIG designed and launched:

QSM is a platform powered by Sigrid, SIG’s leading software excellence platform. QSM is specifically designed for Mendix applications and includes a Mendix-approved ruleset for detecting common Mendix security misconfigurations and best practice violation rules.

With the acquisition of CLEVR’s IP, SIG acquires the rights to all its Mendix-related technology and gains new customers from around the world. By doing so, SIG firmly positions itself as the authority within the Mendix community to help improve and scale the deployment of Mendix applications, next to delivering similar propositions to other low code platforms and high code solutions.

Organizationally, this acquisition will have no impact on current customers, as support and maintenance will continue to be provided.

SIG ensures full support for all current versions of ATS, APD, and ACR until the end of 2026.

With this acquisition, we are proud to welcome new customers from all over the world and are extremely excited to help them build high-quality software applications and enhance their capabilities to review its scalability, quality, security, and dependency on third party applications. Acquiring CLEVR’s IP will not only improve our offering but will also further strengthen our relationship with CLEVR, Mendix, and Siemens.” – Luc Brandts, CEO of Software Improvement Group

Raymond Kok (CEO of Mendix), Luc Brandts (CEO of Software Improvement Group), and Jeroen Hanekamp (CEO of CLEVR) together on stage at the IT leadership event SCOPE 2024.

From left to right: Raymond Kok (CEO of Mendix), Luc Brandts (CEO of Software Improvement Group), and Jeroen Hanekamp (CEO of CLEVR).

SIG taking over our software technology portfolio is fully in line with our strategy and allows us to keep focus on what we do best: The reselling, delivery and support of (PLM, MOM, low-code) software solutions. It’s for this exact reason that we have further engaged with SIG into a partnership in which we – as the trusted advisor for our clients – use SIG software for health and quality assurance“. – Jeroen Hanekamp, CEO of CLEVR

If you’re looking to improve and scale the deployment of Mendix applications, please visit Software Improvement Group‘s website.

About Software Improvement Group

Software Improvement Group (SIG) leads in traditional and AI software quality assurance, empowering businesses and governments worldwide to drive success with reliable and robust IT systems. Sigrid® – its software excellence platform – analyzes the world’s largest benchmark database of over 200 billion lines of code across more than 18,000 systems in 300+ technologies, and intelligently recommends the most crucial initiatives for organizations. SIG complies with multiple ISO/IEC standards, including ISO/IEC 27001 and 17025, and has co-developed ISO/IEC 5338, the new global standard for AI lifecycle management.

SIG was founded in 2000 and has offices in New York, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Frankfurt, and is headquartered in Amsterdam. Sigrid®, together with expert consultants, and nearly 25 years of industry-leading research, position SIG as the foremost authority on software excellence.

For more information, please visit Software Improvement Group‘s website or social media channels.


CLEVR delivers digital transformation at scale by implementing Siemens and Mendix solutions to serve industries like manufacturing, retail, energy, and more. We leverage PLM, MOM/MES, and low-code technologies for manufacturing optimization and business process automation while ensuring seamless integration with other core systems like SAP, IBM and Salesforce. CLEVR brings together technology and industry expertise to provide strategic solutions that streamline operations, drive efficiency, and enable digitalization to fit market demands.

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